Myotonic Dystrophy Community Advisory Board (CAB)

We are pleased to announce that members of Euro-DyMA are joining with other patient experts to create an independent Myotonic Dystrophy Community Advisory Board (CAB) to give a unique pan-European patient perspective to clinical trials and treatment approval.

CABs follow the format established by EURORDIS for developers and patient experts to align treatment development to the real-world needs of the community. The CAB will give confidence that its members are trained and supported to provide effective, confidential, expert input using the proven EURORDIS process.

Euro-DyMA is uniquely placed to help treatment development from informal discussions to full, independent, confidential engagement. If you are an drug developer or healthcare organisation with an interest in getting effective treatments to Myotonic Dystrophy patients across Europe, please contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you!

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