Young Researchers and Clinicians Award!

Euro-DyMA is proud to support research and care for Myotonic Dystrophy all around Europe, introducing a yearly awards to stimulate young researchers and clinicians. The award consists of granting the best peer reviewed and published paper of the year in the domain of Myotonic Dystrophy, an amount of 1,000€.

Who can apply ?

•       The award is open to young European health professionals, on a self-application basis, submitted via this page.

•       Maximum of 10 years after completion of studies; absolute age limit is 40 years of age.

•       Geographical coverage: the 27 countries of the European Community, Switzerland, U.K., the countries currently candidates to the EC, and Norway.

•  The 2022 award covers papers published or accepted for further publication in a major, peer reviewed scientific journal between January 1st 2021 and June 30th 2022.

•       Deadline for application is November 1st 2022. The winner name will be revealed by the end of the year.

•       The award will be attributed to the first author of the paper.

•       The location of the work object of the paper must be in the addressed geographical area, wherever is published the paper or located the applicant

How It Will Be Judged

The award winner will be made by the Euro-DyMA Scientific Advisory Board according to scientific excellence and significant contribution for current/future treatment and management of patients with Myotonic Dystrophy.

How to Apply

Application must be made through the following email: before November the 1st 2022. The applicant must report his/her full ID, the title of the paper, the name and issue of the published paper, or a formal acceptation in case of yet unpublished paper, and attach the paper in PDF format in the same email. All uncomplete applications will be rejected.

Any questions about the awards can be directed to: